Live with Littlewood: post-conference analysis

Tuesday, 6th October | 18.00-19.30Hosted by the IEA Hosted by: Mark Littlewood | Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs Speakers include: Kate Andrews | Economics Correspondent at The Spectator Stephen Bush | Political Editor at The New Statesman Ben Bradley MP | Member of Parliament for Mansfield John O’Connell | Chief Executive ofContinue reading “Live with Littlewood: post-conference analysis”

UK Free Trade After Brexit: The United States and Beyond

Sunday 4th October | 16.00-17.00Hosted by In the months since Brexit, the British government has moved assertively to demonstrate its commitment to free trade. The U.K. recently announced an agreement in principle for a free trade agreement with Japan, and it has negotiated a wide range of continuity agreements with existing trading partners. But theContinue reading “UK Free Trade After Brexit: The United States and Beyond”

BBC and C4 – What next for the state broadcasters?

Tuesday, 6th October | 9.00-10.00 Already before the coronavirus, the public were losing faith in our state broadcasters. Now, with streaming services booming and multiple BBC bungles, public broadcasters are fighting for their lives. Can and should the BBC and Channel 4 survive in 21st century Britain, and what changes do they need to make?Continue reading “BBC and C4 – What next for the state broadcasters?”

Fiscal policy: tax and spend and how to repair the public finances after coronavirus

Monday 5th October | 13:00 – 14:00 Taxpayer support packages have put a burden on the public finances and the full economic damage of lockdown measures will not be clear for months. But none thing we do know is the UK finds its public finances in dire straits. Do we have to accept tax rises post-covid, orContinue reading “Fiscal policy: tax and spend and how to repair the public finances after coronavirus”

Carbon tax – Is this the right’s answer to climate change?

Sunday 4th October | 12:30 – 13:30 A carbon tax has long been a point of contention for many who support free markets. Could it be freedom’s answer to climate change, or are its costs too onerous on consumers and businesses? This panel will debate whether such a tax could be implemented, and the likelyContinue reading “Carbon tax – Is this the right’s answer to climate change?”