Will net zero punish the poor?

Tuesday 5th October | 11.30 – 12.30

The UK aims to cut emissions to reach net zero by 2050. The challenges this presents to policymakers, and burdens it may place on consumers and businesses, are vast. But who will pay the price? Do we need a new system for taxing carbon? Can the “green jobs revolution” allay these concerns? Can a low carbon economy benefit the poor in society?

Duncan Simpson (Chair) | is Research Director at the TaxPayers’ Alliance. Duncan previously worked for Douglas Carswell as his Parliamentary Assistant.

Lee Anderson MP | has been MP for Ashfield since 2019. After leaving school, Lee followed his father to work in the coal mines. Lee was previously a lifelong member of the Labour Party before joining the Conservatives in 2018. Lee is married with two children and supports Mansfield Town FC and Nottingham Forest FC.

Ross Clark | is a journalist and author who writes for the Spectator, Daily Telegraph and others.

Hannah Dillon | is Head of Campaign at The Zero Carbon Campaign. Hannah was previously Director of Climate Campaigns at Project Everyone and studied Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University.

Rt Hon Dame Andrea Leadsom DBE MP | has represented South Northamptonshire since 2010. She was previously Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, Leader of the House of Commons, Secretary of State for DEFRA, Energy Minister, and City Minister. She is currently Chair of the Early Years Healthy Development Review. Andrea read Political Science at Warwick University and had a career in finance before entering politics.